Build your authority, influence and connection of people who know, like and trust you ON AUTOPILOT

The Only Done For You Service That Gets You What You Really Want - Clients That Reach Out To You, Easily Close, and Happily Refer





1. We Build and Update Your Database For You

2. We Build All of Your Ads by Curating the Content You Already Have Created

3. We Distribute Your Content So Everyone That Matters To Your Business Sees You Every Day

The RWYS Is The Secret To Your Success

Without Our System

  • Inconsistent Audience Engagement

  • Limitation in Reach and Impact

  • Relying on Hidden Algorithms for Growth

  • Uncertainty in Audience Growth

With Our System

  • Automated Growth of Compliant Listeners

  • Increased Visibility and Recognition

  • Consistent Increase in Followers, Clients and Referrals

  • Explosion in Authority and Influence

Confessions from a workaholic

Hi, I'm Charlie Madison and the co-founder of Referrals While You Sleep. This is my 3rd business. My first business was as a lead developer for my own marketing firm. I also have my own Real Estate team that I've run for the last 10 years.

I built Referrals While You Sleep because I was burnt out. I missed my anniversary, my kids didn't see me. Yes, I was making a lot of money - but at what cost. There had to be a better way.

Every marketing company I talked to wanted to sell me leads, leads, leads. I didn't want leads - I wanted compliant clients. I was burnt out because every lead drained my time, energy and money - just HOPING one out of 100 would close.

I wanted compliant clients. Clients that saw me as an authority, followed my direction and I enjoyed working with. Referrals While You Sleep is my answer. It's helped me and my clients have the most peaceful, fun and profitable growth in our business that we've ever had.

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How much time does this save me?

Imagine ALL of your video and social media marketing being done in 1 hour per MONTH. That's all that it takes, we handle everything else

What results can I expect to see?

You will start seeing results immediately once the system starts. Imagine how much business you will have when everyone that matters to your business sees you as a trusted authority Every Day.

How do I get started?

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